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You cannot properly address the contractions of capitalism while advocating a continuation of the framework of said capitalism. Neo-liberal paradigms have inherently divorced humanism from capitalism and the pursuit of individualism that liberal humanism gave us has landed us in a world of hyper-commodification, consumption, and normalization. The super-structures of capital will always re-enforce the base (see the shrinking of local news media by corporate consolidation). The alienation you felt during the pandemic was simply the fact that you could no longer ignore what has been happening since the start of the industrial revolution. Humanistic Capitalism is just a shiny PR spin on a more sinister concept called Capitalist Realism - i.e.; it is easier to imagine the end of the world than to imagine the end of capitalism. It's time to advocate for a move beyond this paradigm and into a revolutionary mindset that emancipates not only the individual from themselves but also the whole of society from the destructive coercion of the ruling class and its ideology.

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